Windows 7 support turned off | What to do now how to upgrade to window 10 Is there even windows alternative

If you have Windows 7 installed on your pc, laptop or desktop then this news may prove to be bad for you. Because recently on 14 January 2020 Microsoft stopped supporting its most widely run operating system Windows 7. If you are also a user of Microsoft's Windows 7, then you will not get any kind of security update and support in Windows 7.

Windows 7 support turned off | What to do now how to upgrade to window 10 Is there even windows alternative

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Hello friends, I am Saurabh spot by taking another important information for you in your blog info movtive So friends must have been upset reading the above paragraph but you do not need to bother at all by Microsoft's support of Windows 7, because I am going to tell you what to do after the support of Windows 7 is closed. Before I tell you the solution, we should know something special about Windo 7: - Windows 7 is Microsoft's operating system which was launched 10 years ago on 23 October 2009 by the company. Microsoft's previous os window vista was not liked by the people and it had a lot of flaws that Microsoft made to improve Windows 7. Actually, many software could not run in window vista and it used to consume a lot of memory. People used to worry a lot about the security update received in it. Keeping all these problems in mind, Microsoft launched Windows 7, in which some features of Windows vista were changed and some were completely removed. Which people liked very much. Now let's talk about the latest news which has come from Microsoft. After Microsoft's announcement that it will stop supporting Windows 7, around 800 million computer users around the world will be affected. According to the media report, even today there are 80 million users who run on Windows 7 OS.

What will happen if Windows 7 support is closed Friends, you may have encountered a lot of problems due to the shutdown of Windows 7 support, which can be very harmful to you. With the support of Windows 7 turned off, you will not get any security updates of any kind. If you run it without any security update, then it is not free from danger. Because your system can be easily hacked. In this, any malware or a virus can be easily released so that your personal documents, files, bank information can all be stolen easily.

Windows 7 support close what to do now Microsoft has informed its users several times that they upgrade to windows 8 or windows 10 before the support of Windows 7 stops. Which is being given a free upgrade from Microsoft.
If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 8 or 8.1, then let me tell you that in 2023 Microsoft is going to stop its support too, then you will have to upgrade to Windows 10 itself. And there is no other option left. To upgrade to Windows 10 all you have to do is download windows 10 from Microsoft's site. And install set up in your pc and choose the upgrade option. Your system will be upgraded in just 30 minutes or in 1 hour!

Specification for windows 10 To avoid the dangers of shutting down the update of Windows 7, you will have to upgrade to Windows 10, for which your pc or laptop must have a minimum 1GHz processor and 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage is required only if you have Windows 10 I can upgrade

What to do if there is no Windows 10 specification system Now it comes to those whose systems are old and they do not have the specification worth Windows 10, what should that user do. So I will suggest to those users that if those people use the system only for home works, they do not do any kind of internet activity in it and no pen drive ya use other sources, then they remain in windows 7. But if you are a Windows user and you have to work daily on the Internet and use other resources too, then you have no other way than to get a new system.

What are Windows Alternative operating systems If you do not want to get a new system and your budget is not that much. But if you want security, you can use Microsoft's alternative operating system of Windows. For example, the Ubuntu operating system may be a good option for you. If you do not want to run Windows, then ubuntu is an operating system that is open source. It has neither a virus nor an update. All of the ubuntu versions come with long time support and its graphic is also very good. The Ubuntu operating system is mostly used by people who do hacking, app developers. For the ubuntu operating system, you do not even need any hardware with high specification, it runs smoothly even in the low specification and in this, you can do all the work that you do in Windows. It is used in many offices, companies, the institute where security is the first priority.

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