free blog kaise banaye

free blog or website Kaise banaye

Whenever it comes to earning online, you first do a search on google and there you are told how to earn online like blogging, website, youtube. In which the most popular way is blogging. Now you do google search, how to create a blog, how to set up blog free, how to make a blog, how to make a website and many other types of searches you do on Google, so today in my blog you will get free on Will tell you to make a blog so that you can start earning online without spending any money.

how to make a free blog in blogger

The first two ways to create a blog are wordpress and Wordpress is a good option to create a blog but it is expensive and in this, you will have to buy a domain or hosting plan, in which you will spend 2000 to 5000. All the big sites or blogs you see on the internet are created by WordPress itself because in WordPress you get good customization. The same is a free tool with the help of which you can create a blog for free and start approving it by getting the blog approved by google ad sense, for this you do not need to pay any money. is a product of Google so it is safer

To create a free blog on, first of all, you will have to search on Google, here you will have some such site open.
Here you have to sign up with your Gmail id.

how to make a free blog in blogger

After logging in, you have to create a new blog by clicking on the new blog on the left side.
how to make a free blog in blogger

A new popup window will open as soon as you click on the new blog.

Where you have to give the title of your blog and create the domain in the address

You can give anything title here, but you may have some problem while creating the domain because you have to see which domain is available for you.

Your domain name should be unique only then you will have this blog address is available show
how to make a free blog in blogger

Once this blog address is available, you can create your blog with that name.

After creating a blog, you will open the dashboard of the blog in this way.

how to make a free blog in blogger

Here you will see some options on the left side like posts, stats, comments and more.

Here you can write a post, you can make some important page, you can change the theme of your blog.

The address you entered is your domain name like is a subdomain that is free.

Once you create a blog, if you want to remove the domain, then you have to buy a new domain, but you can also work with this domain name.

If you do not like its theme, then you can change it too, on the internet you will get many free or paid themes. Which you can make your blog more attractive, our website is made on itself and I have not bought any domain for it.

I hope that now you have got answers to questions like how to create a blog, how to set up blog free, how to create a blog, how to create a website, now you should create a post in it, create an important page and write a unique article so that you can google Get approval of AdSense and you can earn.

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