make money online without investment

make money online without investment

In today's time, unemployment has increased so much that even the government is not able to find any better solution for this. Whenever a government vacancy comes, so many people fill the form in it that you have to do one day and night for cut off marks and yet when the job is not found, you are forced to do any private job, Neither can meet your expenses nor can you help your family in any way. But if I say that you can earn a good income by working online while sitting at home and can easily earn 10000 to 20000.

Today I am going to tell you some such ways of earning online, you neither have to invest any kind nor do you have to go anywhere.
Friends, whenever it comes to online earning, you think that it is all fake and there is no earning from them, even if it is, it is only for those who have an interest in big marketing but it is not so. So let me tell you what kind of earning you can do online

make money online without investment online paisa kaise kamaye online momy making idea

website or blog ideas to make money

This is the best way of online earning, if you have a little knowledge of web page designing, then the best idea is to earn money from home. You can earn online by designing a good website or blog. But now you will say that I have no knowledge of coding programming. So there is nothing to worry about, you can create a website without Coding. The blogger of Google is such a platform where you can do a web page for free and publish it and earn well by getting approval of google ad sense. And if you have some money for investment, then you can also create a website on word press, which is considered to be the best tool to date. Or you can also make your site from someone else, which will also get you approved for AdSense. Friends, the most important requirement for the website to make money is the approval of Google Adsense. By which ads will show on your blog or website and you will earn.

Youtube video make money

You can also earn from youtube and this is the best and simplest way to earn online. You must have seen a lot of people on your youtube who make videos on some topic. And before the video starts, or before you are shown ads in the middle, YouTubers earn from it. Nowadays the demand for youtube has increased a lot. And of YouTubers too. You can make a video according to your interest by selecting any good niche like you can give a review, you can start a channel of online classes when you have a good subscribe and viewer, then you apply for google AdSense. Many people earn without making sponsor videos without AdSense. There are many YouTubers who are making millions by making videos.

Tik Tok earn money

Yes, you can earn from your tik tok, read it right. Nowadays tik tok is the fastest way to earn and become famous. You will have seen many of your people making videos like entertainment, comedy, education on tik tok. Which is no less than a celebrity. Although there is no advertisement show on tik tok yet, it only earns from sponsorship, once your video is viral, it will not take long to grow your followers. And if you have good followers, then the companies themselves will contact you to sponsor your product. So if you also make videos on tik tok and then you just need to target followers.

Link shortener earn money / make money only copy-paste

Earning from a link shortener is a very simple and fast way and it is also my favorite because there is no hard work to be done in it. In this, you will start earning from the first day. If you create a downloading website and you are not getting the approval of Google Adsense, then you do not have to worry, you can use the link shorten. There are many such link shortener ad network which helps you to monetize your blog/website and its most important thing is that it starts earning from day one. If you do not have a website/blog, then you can also share WhatsApp and telegram by shortening the downloading link, whenever you click on this link, you will earn.

  • is a very old and trusted network, in this, you just have to sign up and fill some information, just your account will be created. In this ad network, you have to shorten the link of any movie, software or any apps and share it on your WhatsApp or telegraph. If someone downloads a movie from this link, you get its money. Its minimum payout is 5 $ dollars. This ad network also provides you with some banner ads, popup and popunder ads which you can earn by putting on your site or blog, but it's a bad thing is that the shortened links sometimes make the user reach the destination. Give a lot of trouble to

      • is also a much older network like In this, you can shorten any link in it, a special thing is that in this you get entry and exit pop up ads like but they do not irritate the user much and reach the destination easily They deliver. So this is my favorite ad networks as you would have seen when you have opened my site, then you will have some second pop up ad show from which I earn.

          • GP link 

          GP link ad network is a shortener in which you get the option of website script in addition to shortening the link. Apart from this, you will not get any more issues like But this is a very popular ad network, most of those who run movie downloading sites use this ad network.

          earning from the amazon affiliate program

          Before earning from an affiliate program, know what is an affiliate. In the affiliate program, you have to sell the product online. And if someone buys your suggested product, you get some commission for it. Nowadays the amazon affiliate program is becoming very popular and earns very well from it. These affiliate programs are free, for this, you do not have to pay any money, you just have to share the link of the product on your Facebook or website/blog. Making money from this is a bit difficult because in this you have to use the market strategy. You may have to run ad campaigns in it and it is important to have a good understanding of the internet. But some people earn money easily without any trouble in it, you can join it by writing amazon affiliate on google.

 is a good option for online money making because in this you only have to ask questions and answer the questions of the people. You must have asked some question at some time on online google. In which you have many results show, one of them also has a link to To earn money on quara you have to answer many questions, when you complained followers under quara policy and give regular answers to questions, then quara will send you a mail that you are eligible to earn from quora After that, after that, all you have to do is ask questions on Quora, which will earn you

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