Top 10 small business ideas

Top 10 small business ideas

Friends, if you are thinking of starting a small home-based business and you are looking for answers to questions like small business ideas, small investment business from home, best business ideas to make money and you can not find any small business idea Today, I am going to tell you 10 small business ideas which can be run easily from your home, you can also call these small business ideas as small investment business form home.

Top 10 small business ideas  Small business idea without investment

Small business idea without investment


A small business idea form is in the first list of home blogging. Today is the era of the internet and when it comes to online earning, blogging is the first option to earn from the internet. On you can easily earn 15000 - 20000 a month by creating a good blog. You do not even need to invest any money for this. All you have to do is choose a good topic and create a blog on it. If you have a little money then you can make a good blog by buying a domain or hosting plan but I would ask you to make a blog on because it is absolutely free and you do not need to buy any domain or hosting plan. And when the traffic starts coming on your blog, then you can apply for Google ad sense and earn well. Many big bloggers earn up to 1 lakh months from blogging. If you have a shop, then you can tell about the items found in your shop on your blog, which will increase the income of your shop as well as earn from AdSense.
If you do not know how to make a free blog, then you can read this article of our free blog or website Kaise banaye


YouTube's scop has grown so much that nowadays everyone is uploading and uploading videos on YouTube. You can also earn good revenue from Google ad sense by creating a YouTube channel. You can make a video on any topic like comedy, leaning, technology, motivation etc. Many small business man and big businessmen also promote by making their own channels on YouTube.

By the way, making blogging or YouTube video is not inside any business, but it is a good way to earn today, so I have included both of them in this list if you already have a business, then you can do your marketing with blogging or youtube. It can increase your sales.

Coaching classes 

Talking about home-based business ideas, coaching classes are the best way to make money. If you like to teach, then according to your ability, you can teach nursery, primarily high school or college students. You do not have to go anywhere for this and you will be able to work from home. In the beginning, you can teach young children. For this, you do not even need to go anywhere. There will be many such working families in your neighborhood who do not get the time to focus on their children's studies. All you have to do is talk to them and tell them that you are starting a coaching center and you can teach their children, just once you have a good experience, you also read the older children according to your qualification Can. You have to charge less in the beginning so that more and more students can come to you.

Activity Classes

If you do any extra activities such as dancing, cooking, gym, yoga, then you can earn money by teaching your talent to others and can open a center of your own. Nowadays every parent wants their child to learn some other activity too, for this they can also teach their children activities like dancing, swimming, scatting. Apart from this, if you are mourning for exercising and bodybuilding, then you can tell others ways of fitness because nowadays the lifestyle of people has become so busy that they cannot guide their health, then they can guide them. If you also have 10 people come to learn some other activities like dancing, yoga swimming and you also take about 1500 rupees from each one, then you can earn 15000 rupees in a month.


If you are fond of grooming and have learned the work of any of your parlor, then you can prepare others well. And you can open your own beauty parlor because nowadays everyone likes to dress up, especially in girls, it is very common. These small profitable business ideas can be not only for women but also for men. You can also open a men’s parlor. Nowadays, at weddings or any function, there is a lot of demand for such people, all of which are useful. It takes 3000 to 5000 rupees to make up a bride or groom with a beauty parlor. For this, you have to do this kind of course. You can also start your parlor from your home.

Tourist guide 

 If you live in a place where there is a good place to visit and there are many tourists from outside. So you can guide them by telling them about the culture and history of your city. And you can earn money from them. For this, you will just need to do a little history. And if you know any language like English, French then it is even better. You can also guide people from abroad and earn well.

So these were small business ideas without investment, now I will tell you small investment business idea

Small investment business idea

Poultry Farm (Poultry)

The poultry farm is the best way of small investment business and it is quite popular in cities along with Gavo. For this, you will have to take a course in poultry farm or you can also learn this work from someone who is already doing this work and has a good experience. In the rearing of chickens, hens have to take special care of giving them water from time to time, and many such things have to be taken care of, so it is important to know about all these before starting these small businesses. It costs 20 to 25 thousand to open a small poultry farm.

Beekeeping (honey beekeeping)

Honeybee farming is also a good small investment business idea like poultry farming. It is very important to learn about this before you do it. Nowadays there are many government institutions to teach beekeeping and poultry farming. From where you can learn it. You can also learn this work from someone who is already doing this work and has a good experience. One does not have to spend much to start beekeeping, in this one can start with only 10 to 15 thousand rupees.

Driving school

Nowadays buying a car has become a common thing, every middle-class family also wants to buy a car, in such a way, they first teach driving from a driving school. If you are a good driver then you can open a driving school. For this, you have to buy an old car and get it modified according to learning. To open a driving school, you must also take a permit for it. After doing all these things, you can open your driving school. You can easily open your driving school from 40 to 50 thousand rupees.

Kiosk center

If you have a good understanding of the internet and you like surfing the internet, then you can open a Kiosk center. Nowadays everyone knows how to run the internet but they only know how to run Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. They do not use the Internet more than this. People have to do many kinds of tasks like filing tax, filling the form, filling the bill, filling the insurance and also many other tasks which people do by going to an online kiosk center. You can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand months by opening a kiosk center. For this, you need to hire a shop, keep in mind that your shop should be in a place where most people have a government job, such as a government office, school, college or a court, your shop will run well in such a place. Apart from the shop, you have to get a computer system, printer and a good broadband connection. kiosk center you can easily open in a budget of 15 to 20 thousand.
Hope this post of mine will definitely help you. And you too will start a small investment business with this small business idea.

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